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Read the application's configuration in ASP.NET Core
As an ASP.NET developer you always used web.config to store and retrieve the application's configuration information. ASP.NET Core uses a different configuration system that is more flexible and powerful than before. In this article you will learn the basics of storing and retrieving the configuration information from JSON and XML files. You will also learn to use DI to inject this information into controllers.
Posted On : 31 Mar 2017
7 Features of C# 7.0 Worth Knowing
As you are aware of C# 7.0 and Visual Studio 2017 have been released. In this article I quickly take you through seven new features of the language that are worth knowing. I assume that you are familiar with C# 6.0 and hence I am not going into too much technical details of these features here. My aim is to quickly let you know of a few interesting features that can make your C# code more efficient and clear. Let's get going.
Posted On : 24 Mar 2017
Offline installation of VS2017 in 4 Easy Steps
By default the installation of Visual Studio 2017 is taken care by a web installer. That means you download only the required components over the web. Although this works quite well in many cases, at times you may want to install Visual Studio 2017 in offline manner. Some of the possibilities include unstable internet connection and installation on large number of machines of your organization. As of this writing there is no ISO image of the product that one can download. Luckily, there is a command line way to grab all the installation components that you need for an offline installation. So, let's see how to grab them in four easy steps.
Posted On : 08 Mar 2017
Enable Response Compression in ASP.NET Core in 5 Easy Steps
As an ASP.NET developer you are probably aware that IIS comes with its own compression module that can effectively compress the response content. This can dramatically reduce the network bytes giving good performance benefits. However, what if you aren't using IIS at all? Luckily, ASP.NET Core offers you a middleware that can compress the response content for you. In this article you will learn to configure the ASP.NET Core response compression middleware in your web application.
Posted On : 28 Feb 2017
Deploy ASP.NET Core Web Application to IIS in 5 Easy Steps
Once you finish developing your ASP.NET Core web application the next step would be to deploy it under the IIS. Although this process is quite similar to traditional ASP.NET Web Forms or MVC applications, there are a few things you need to be aware of. To that end this article explains how an ASP.NET Core web application can be deployed under IIS.
Posted On : 06 Feb 2017
Create Custom Exception Filter in ASP.NET Core
In my previous article I explained how errors in an ASP.NET Core web application can be dealt with using middleware. I also mentioned that time that you can also use exception filters to handle errors. In this article I will explain how to do just that. In ASP.NET MVC 5 you used the [HandleError] attribute and OnException() controller method to deal with exceptions that arise in the actions of a controller. In ASP.NET Core the process is bit different but the overall concept is still the same.
Posted On : 16 Jan 2017
Five Methods to Deal with Errors in ASP.NET Core
Error handling is a common practice in any real-world web application. In ASP.NET Web Forms you used certain events and custom error pages to deal with them. In ASP.NET MVC you used [HandleError] attribute, exception filters and custom error pages to deal with them. In ASP.NET Core you have a set of methods and, of course, exception filters at your disposal. In this article I will discuss five methods that are used in connection with error handling.
Posted On : 02 Jan 2017
SemVer for Absolute Beginners
As a software developer you are probably aware of versioning and its importance. Probably somewhere you came across this term - SemVer - and wondered what exactly it is or how does it relates to versioning in general. To that end this post briefly describes what SemVer is. SemVer is a short form for Semantic Versioning. SemVer is a specification that describes how software version numbers are to be given. The official website detailing this specification can be found here.
Posted On : 19 Dec 2016
ASP.NET Core - Old Solution Structure Vs. New Solution Structure
Recently one of the reader, who was quite new to ASP.NET Core, asked this question - "I am following your instructions to create a working example based on your article. After creating the project my solution explorer looks different than your screen shots. Why is so? Am I missing something?" In this short post I am explaining why you see two different solution structures in Visual Studio 2015.
Posted On : 06 Dec 2016
Convert JSON and XML markup into C# classes using Visual Studio
Visual Studio provides a plethora of features that make you more productive. One such feature is converting XML or JSON markup into C# classes. This article discusses this feature with a few examples. XML and JSON are the two commonly used data formats for serializing data over the wire. Many a times you need to map XML or JSON markup to C# classes. No doubt, you can create these C# classes manually but Visual Studio can provided a good starting point by automating the process.
Posted On : 29 Nov 2016
सफल योगजीवनाची "रेसिपी"
हठयोग प्रदीपिका हा योगी स्वात्माराम याने लिहिलेला ग्रंथ. स्वात्माराम हा नाथ पंथी योगी असावा असे त्याने स्वतः दिलेल्या परंपरेवरुण दिसते. त्याने येथे सर्वच योग्यांना उपयोगी पडेल असा संदेश दिलेला आहे. स्वात्माराम म्हणतो - मन म्हणजे जणू बीज, हठयोग म्हणजे जमीन आणि औदासिन्य किंवा वैराग्य म्हणजे पाणी. या तिघांचा योग्य मेळ झाला की उन्मनी नावाचा कल्पवृक्ष अचानक प्रकट होतो.
Posted On : 12 Apr 2017
शिव-शक्तीचा चिद्विलास
सर्वसाधारणपणे ब्रह्म आणि माया, पुरुष आणि प्रकृती ही तत्वे एकमेकांपासून भिन्न मानली जातात. शैव दर्शनात मात्र शिव आणि शक्ती ही दोन तत्वे अजिबात भिन्न नाहीत. ती एकाच नाण्याच्या दोन बाजू आहेत. चंद्र आणि चांदणे हे दोन शब्द एकच गोष्ट दर्शवतात. ज्योत आणि प्रकाश ही एकाच गोष्टीची दोन संबोधने आहेत.
Posted On : 04 Apr 2017
योग म्हणजे...
स्वतःच स्वतःची गळाभेट घेणं म्हणजे योग. त्रिगुणांची वस्त्रे फेडून आत्म्याला सहज स्थितीत पहाणं म्हणजे योग. जन्मोजन्मींचे संस्कार धुवून निजबोध घेणं म्हणजे योग.
Posted On : 20 Mar 2017
सोहं मंत्राद्वारे ईश्वरोपासना करणारा जन्म-मृत्युच्या पलीकडे जातो
आपल्या अंतरंगात स्थित मुर्तिमान, परमानंदस्वरूप परमात्मा जो निर्मळ चित्त होऊन निरंतर बघतो तो खरा द्रष्टा. जो सर्व जीवांमध्ये स्थित असलेल्या मुर्तीमान परमानंदस्वरूप आत्म्याला आपल्या आत्म्यात स्थित झालेला जो पहातो तो खरा द्रष्टा. आपल्या शरीरातील ईश्वराला सोडून जो बाह्य ईश्वराची उपासना करतो तो जणू हाती असलेलं रत्न विसरून दुसऱ्या रत्नाचा शोध करत बसतो.
Posted On : 10 Mar 2017
अजपा ध्यानाचा प्राण आणि अपान यांच्याशी असलेला संबंध
योगशास्त्राच्या दृष्टीने सांगायचं झालं तर अजून एक अशीच जोडगोळी प्रसिद्ध आहे. त्या जोडगोळीची थोरवी अशी की ती जीवाला जन्म-मृत्युच्या आणि सुख-दु:खाच्या सापळ्यात फिरत ठेवते. ती जोडगोळी म्हणजे - प्राण आणि अपान. नाथ संप्रदायात प्राणायाम या साधना प्रकाराला अत्याधिक महत्व आहे कारण प्राणायामाचे उद्दिष्ट या प्राण आणि अपान नामक विरुद्ध शक्तींना एकत्र करून त्यांचे सामरस्य घडवण्यात आहे. शरीरात प्राण शक्ती अनेक प्रकारे कार्य करत असते. खरंतर शरीराची सर्व कार्ये प्राण शक्तीच्या आधारानेच चालत असतात. या प्राण शक्तीच्या विविध रूपांमधील पाच महत्वाची मानली जातात ज्यांना पंचप्राण असं म्हणतात.
Posted On : 06 Mar 2017
प्रकाशाचा मार्ग आणि स्पंदनांचा मार्ग
शिवतत्व गहन तर खरेच पण त्याप्रत पोहोचण्याचे दोन मार्ग आहेत - प्रकाशाचा मार्ग आणि स्पंदनांचा मार्ग. वरकरणी पाहता हे मार्ग भिन्न भासतात हे खरे पण ते आहेत एकच.
Posted On : 24 Feb 2017
चंद्र, सूर्य, सुषुम्ना नाड्यांचा दैनंदिन कार्यांशी असलेला संबंध
योगशास्त्रात चंद्र नाडी किंवा इडा नाडी, सूर्य नाडी किंवा पिंगला नाडी आणि सुषुम्ना नाडी यांना किती महत्व आहे सांगायची गरज नाही. योगशास्त्रा व्यतिरिक्तही या नाड्यांचा स्वतःचा असा कार्यकारण भाव आहे. प्रत्येक नाडीचा स्वतःचा असा एक स्वभाव आहे. हा स्वभाव ओळखून जर दैनंदिन कार्य केली तर कार्य हातून अधिक सुलभतेने घडतात.
Posted On : 20 Feb 2017
आधी क्षेत्राचे ज्ञान प्राप्त करावे
आत्मा म्हणजे काय ते जाणून घेण्याआधी शरीर. देह या सर्वसाधारण नावांनी ओळखले जाणारे क्षेत्र काय आहे ते योग्याने नीट समजून घेतले पाहिजे. क्षेत्र नीट समजून घेतले की क्षेत्रज्ञ त्यांपासून वेगळा कसा आहे ते समजणे सोपे जाते. अन्यथा क्षेत्रालाच क्षेत्रज्ञ समजण्याची गल्लत नवख्या साधकाकडून होऊ शकते.
Posted On : 16 Feb 2017
आत्मसाक्षात्कारासाठी गुरुकृपा आवश्यक
गुरुकृपेच्या शक्ती विषयी संत ज्ञानेश्वर म्हणतात - हे स्नेहाळे, तुझ्यामुळे साधाकाला योगसामर्थ्य प्राप्त होते. त्याची "मी ब्रह्म आहे" ही अनुभूती घेण्याची लडिवाळ इच्छा तूच पूर्ण करतेस. कुंडलिनी शक्तीला तू कौतुकाने वाढवतेस अर्थात जागृत करतेस. मग तीला हृदयाकाशाच्या पाळण्यात घालून झोके देतेस.
Posted On : 13 Feb 2017
तद्रूपचरणी मुक्ता वटेश्वरी दक्ष
महाराष्ट्रात चांगदेव अपरिचित अजिबात नाहीत. ज्यांनी ज्यांनी ज्ञानेश्वरांनी भिंत चालविल्याची कथा ऐकली-वाचली आहे त्यांना चांगदेवांचा परिचय असतोच. अर्थात चांगदेवांचा हा परिचय ज्ञानेश्वरांच्या छायेत घडत असतो हे खरे. परंतु चांगदेवांवर काही संशोधन झालेले आहे आणि ते कोण, कुठले याचा शोध घेण्याचा प्रयत्न इतिहासकारांनी यथामती केलेला आहे.
Posted On : 06 Feb 2017
10 Tips For Better Time Management
Every now and then I come across software developers who keep complaining how difficult it is to find time to learn new things from their daily schedule. Although city life is quite busy more often than not people lack the will, energy and time management skills to deal with the situation. More often than not this lack of time is due to the fact that people poorly manage their time. They don't have any strategy to manage their time effectively. Here are my top 10 tips that can help you manage your time in a better way. If you apply the following tips you can manage your time in a better way than before. I am not going to give you any fancy charts or figures that mostly look nice on paper. I am going to share some practical tips that you can start using right now!
Posted On : 18 Apr 2014
Learning, Unlearning and ASP.NET
Software industry is one of the most dynamic industries to work with. Everyday something new comes up and you have no option but to learn it to be in the race. While learning is a commonly acquired skill by software developers, not many can acquire the unlearning abilities. My experience of training software developers tells me that this skill - unlearning - can dramatically affect your experience with a technology or tool you are learning.
Posted On : 08 Feb 2014
5 Tips to Remember What You Learn Better
As a software developer you need to remember tremendous amount of information. This information is in the form of language syntax, object models, programming concepts, business domain concepts and more. Many of my training participants express their desire to remember what they learn in a better way but often fail to do so due to some or the other reason. While there can't be a single best way to remember things better here I give some tips that work for many developers.
Posted On : 05 Sep 2013
Learn new technologies efficiently
As a software developer you need to deal with the rapidly changing IT industry and keeping yourself updated with the new technologies is one of the most important skills that you need to have. Sadly the fact is many developers find this task too daunting. A common complaint is there is so much to learn and deciding the right learning path is difficult. This task is made difficult further by the fact that new skills must be acquired in a timely manner. If you are too late to upgrade your skills you face the risk of missing good opportunities.
Posted On : 14 Aug 2013
Formal classroom training is still good for you
As an IT trainer I come in contact with dozens of .NET software developers, team leaders and managers. One common area where most of them struggle is - keeping themselves updated with the latest technology. Especially so when technology is quite new to them (say VB6 developer wanting to learn ASP.NET or a web forms developer wanting to learn MVC). While for software developers it may sound like a part of their job they find this task quite hard because they need to strike a balance between available time, personal life, and ongoing project pressures.
Posted On : 01 Aug 2013
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Learn Ajapa Yoga
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