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Convert JSON and XML markup into C# classes using Visual Studio
Visual Studio provides a plethora of features that make you more productive. One such feature is converting XML or JSON markup into C# classes. This article discusses this feature with a few examples. XML and JSON are the two commonly used data formats for serializing data over the wire. Many a times you need to map XML or JSON markup to C# classes. No doubt, you can create these C# classes manually but Visual Studio can provided a good starting point by automating the process.
Posted On : 29 Nov 2016
Programmatic Model Binding Using UpdateModel()
ASP.NET MVC offers model binding to capture form field values entered in a view. In many cases model binding to complex types serves the purpose. When the model type to fill from the values is known at development time, you can specify a parameter of that type. However, this is not always the case. That is where programmatic model binding comes handy. Programmatic model binding allows you to perform model binding at runtime based on some condition or processing logic.
Posted On : 21 Nov 2016
Consume ASP.NET Core Web API using HttpClient
In the previous article you learnt to consume a Web API created in ASP.NET Core using jQuery client. Although local clients are quite common in Ajax rich applications, many real-world situations require that you call a Web API from a different application. Thus the client application and the Web API application are different and you can't use JavaScript to call the Web API (due to default browser settings). Moreover, if you wish to call a Web API from a desktop application JavaScript is not an option. In such cases you can use HttpClient to call the Web API. This article tells you how.
Posted On : 14 Nov 2016
Consume ASP.NET Core Web API using jQuery
In the previous article you learnt to create a Web API using ASP.NET Core. A Web API can be consumed by local clients or remote clients. Local clients are the clients that are housed in the same web application as the Web API. Remote clients are the clients that are not part of the Web API application. As far as web applications are concerned a typical local client takes a form of jQuery (or JavaScript) Ajax driven user interface that consumes the Web API.
Posted On : 07 Nov 2016
Create Web API in ASP.NET Core
Creating Web API in ASP.NET Core is similar to creating Web API in ASP.NET MVC with a few differences. In this article you will learn to build a simple REST style Web API that performs CRUD operations on the Customers table of the Northwind database.
Posted On : 31 Oct 2016
Highlight Keywords From Response Using ASP.NET Core Middleware
Recently I needed to search for certain keywords from the response body and then highlight them with different color. In ASP.NET Web Forms you would have created an HTTP module to achieve this. In ASP.NET MVC you would have written a custom filter to accomplish this task. In ASP.NET Core you can write a custom middleware to do the same. The remainder of this article shows how.
Posted On : 10 Oct 2016
Prepare ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core Projects to use Angular 2 in 10 Easy Steps
Now that Angular 2 is finally available, it would be good to try your hands on this new framework. If you are an absolute beginner in Angular 2 you may find preparing your ASP.NET projects a bit confusing. That's because you need to take quite a few steps before you actually start your Angular 2 development. Angular 2 documentation already have two great articles available here and here that guide you to the whole process. In this article I am going to discuss how you can prepare your ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core projects to use Angular 2. I expect that you are already familiar with ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET Core. Although you are not expected to have Angular 2 experience, a basic idea about what it does would be helpful. This article won't go into too much of the syntax level detailing. My aim here is to show you how and ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core projects can be prepared to use this new framework.
Posted On : 26 Sep 2016
ASP.NET Core Identity - Allow Password Reset
In the previous two article (Part 1 and Part 2) you learnt to implement the ASP.NET Core identity in your web applications and also to add email verification support. In this article you will learn to enable password reset so that users can reset their passwords and specify a new password.
Posted On : 12 Sep 2016
ASP.NET Core Identity - Add Email Confirmation
In the previous article you learnt to implement the ASP.NET Core identity in your web applications. In most of the real world cases you would like to confirm that the email address entered by the user at the time of creating the account genuinely belongs to him. So, verifying the user's email address becomes important. Luckily, ASP.NET Core provides an easy way to do just that. In this article you will modify the application developed earlier to add email verification step.
Posted On : 29 Aug 2016
Implement Security using ASP.NET Core Identity in 10 Easy Steps
Many web applications need to authenticate and authorize the users. A common approach is to accept user name and password from the user and validate them against some data store. As far as ASP.NET Core web applications are concerned the recommended way to implement such a security using ASP.NET Core Identity. In this article you will learn to implement user authentication as well as role based security using ASP.NET Core Identity. You will do so by building a sample application from scratch using the empty project template.
Posted On : 22 Aug 2016
Effect of Ajapa on Breathing, Heart Beats and Blood Pressure
Meditation is being used worldwide as an effective way to deal with stress. Although this benefit is bit gross as compared to spiritual benefits, it's still a very important benefit. A healthy mind is a prerequisite to attain deep meditative states. Modern science has done a lot of research on stress and bodily parameters under stressful conditions. I won't go into the minute details of the findings made by modern science here. However, it would be worthwhile to take a quick look at the effects of stress on human body. That way you can relate how Ajapa Meditation is better equipped to deal with stress than many other meditation techniques.
Posted On : 28 Nov 2016
ज्ञानेश्वरीची हस्तलिखित प्रत
पण ज्यांनी ज्यांनी अशा हस्तलिखित पोथ्या वा ग्रंथ तयार केले त्यांना त्यात नक्कीच समाधान वाटत असणार. आपल्या परंपरेचे ज्ञान-विज्ञान आपण जतन करतोय, आपल्या नंतरच्या पिढ्यांसाठी काहीतरी राखून ठेवतोय अशी भावना त्यात असणारच. अशा हस्तलिखित साहित्यामध्ये अभ्यासकांच्या दृष्टीने त्रासदायक एक गोष्ट घडत असते ती म्हणजे पाठभेद.
Posted On : 25 Nov 2016
भक्तीचा अनाहत
परमेश्वर प्राप्तीसाठी म्हणून जे काही मार्ग ज्ञात आहेत त्या सर्वच मार्गांनी भक्तीची उपयोगिता कमी-अधिक प्रमाणात मान्य केलेली आहे. महाराष्ट्रातील संत परंपरेची शिकवण भक्तिरसात चिंब न्हाऊन निघालेली आहे. संत ज्ञानेश्वरांनी नाथ साम्प्रदायोक्त कुंडलिनी योगाला भक्तीचा सुंदर मुलामा दिलेला आहे. प्राचीन योगग्रंथांत चार प्रकारचा योग वर्णन केलेला आपल्याला दिसतो. ते चार प्रकार म्हणजे – मंत्रयोग, हठयोग, लययोग आणि राजयोग. या सर्वच साधानामार्गांवर भक्तीची आवश्यकता प्रतिपादित केलेली आहे. केवळ ईश्वरभक्तीच नाही तर गुरुभक्तीही योगमार्गावरील सफलतेसाठी अत्यावश्यक मानली गेली आहे. कुंडलिनी योगशास्त्रानुसार भक्तीचा आणि अनाहत चक्राचा घनिष्ठ संबंध आहे. त्यामुळेच प्रत्येक साधकासाठी अनाहत चक्र, त्याचे स्वरूप, त्याचे महत्व आणि त्याचा भक्तीशी आणि ध्यानमार्गाशी असलेला संबंध जाणून घेणे उद्बोधक ठरते.
Posted On : 11 Nov 2016
That mystic pause during Ajapa....
Ajapa is one of the chief practice of Natha Sampradaya and Shaivism in general. Since ancient time this practice has become so important and popular that other sects have absorbed it even though they may reject the other philosophical ideas of Natha Sampradaya / Shaivism. This popularity only underlines the importance of Ajapa in meditation and yoga.
Posted On : 06 Sep 2016
अष्टमुद्रा, अष्टचक्र आणि अजपा ध्यान
शैव दर्शनाच्या आणि नाथ संप्रदायाच्या सिद्धांतांपैकी एक महत्वाचा सिद्धांत म्हणजे - "पिंडी ते ब्रह्मांडी, ब्रह्मांडी ते पिंडी". शिव-संहितेत आणि सिद्ध सिद्धांत पद्धतीमध्ये तो स्पष्टपणे मांडलेला आहे. सर्वसाधारण साधक देव, परमात्मा, परमेश्वर या संकल्पनांचा शोध बाह्य जगामध्ये घेण्याचा प्रयत्न करत असतो. साधनेच्या सुरवातीच्या अप्रगत काळात तो एका अर्थी बरोबरही असतो. परंतु योगमार्गावर चालायचे असेल तर समस्त देवी-देवता या मानवी पिंडामध्ये वास करत आहेत, जीव आणि शिव एकच आहेत हे तत्व मनावर ठसणे आवश्यक ठरते. जर हे मुलतत्व साधकाच्या मनावर नीटपणे ठसले नाही तर मग त्या तत्वाची प्रत्यक्ष अनुभूती दूरच राहित हे उघड आहे.
Posted On : 17 Aug 2016
गुरु आणि पौर्णिमा
समस्त योग-अध्यात्म शास्त्रात परमेश्वर हा शब्दांच्या पलीकडील आणि मानवी मनाने जाणण्यास अशक्य आहे असे ठामपणे प्रतिपादन केले आहे. त्यमुळे शास्त्रग्रंथांत परमेश्वराचे वर्णन त्याच्या गुणांद्वारे केले जाते. परमेश्वराचे गुण कोणते?
Posted On : 19 Jul 2016
योग: कर्मसु कौशलम्
योग म्हटलं की प्रथमतः आठवते ती महर्षी पतंजलींची व्याख्या - योगश्चित्तवृत्तिनिरोधः योगशास्त्राचा क्रियात्मक अभ्यास करत असतांना किंवा ध्यान-धारणेचा सराव करत असतांना योगाची ही थेट ही व्याख्या चपलख बसते. महर्षी पतंजलींची योगसूत्रे ही गुरुच्या देखरेखेखाली साधना करत असणार्या योगाभ्यासी साधकाला डोळ्यासमोर ठेऊन केलेली आहे. योगशास्त्राची थोड्या वेगळ्या अंगाने केलेली व्याख्या आपल्याला भगवत गीतेत आढळते. भगवान श्रीकृष्ण अर्जुनाला सांगतात - योग: कर्मसु कौशलम्
Posted On : 21 Jun 2016
भर्तृहरी गुंफेतील "काला"
या गोष्टीला खुप खुप वर्ष झाली. मी भर्तृहरी गुंफा बघण्यासाठी गेलो होतो. ही गुंफा नाथ पंथात फार प्रसिद्ध आहे. अनेक नाथ सिद्ध जसे राजा भर्तृहरी, मच्छिंद्रना, गोरक्षनाथ यांचा पवित्र स्पर्श या भूमीला झालेला आहे. येथे केलेली साधना पटकन फलीभूत होते अशी नाथ पंथीयांची धारणा आहे. त्यामुळे अनेक नाथ पंथी साधू येथे येत-जात असतात. भर्तृहरी गुंफा बघायची आणि जमल्यास काही काळ साधना करायची एवढाच माफक उद्देश माझ्या या भेटीमागे होता.
Posted On : 26 May 2016
अंतरीचे गुज, बोलू ऐसे काही। वर्ण व्यक्त नाही, शब्द शून्य।।
गजानन महाराज आणि वासुदेवानंद सरस्वती उर्फ टेंबे स्वामी यांच्या एका अद्भुत भेटीचा प्रसंग गजानन विजयच्या १९व्या अध्यायात वर्णन केला आहे. तो असा...
Posted On : 04 May 2016
उपास्य आणि साधना-क्रियांची अचूक निवड आवश्यक
अध्यात्मिक प्रगतीसाठी जेंव्हा योगमार्ग चोखाळला जातो तेंव्हा साधना-क्रियेची निवड बरीच अवघड असते. असे अनेक साधक असतात की २०-३० वर्षे साधना करूनसुद्धा त्यांना आध्यात्मिक स्तरावर काही विशेष फायदा झालेला नसतो. किंबहुना ते आपल्या सद्धाच्या साधनेवर पूर्णतः समाधानी असतच नाही. दुसरा काही मार्ग ज्ञात नसल्याने नाईलाजाने ते सध्या सुरु असलेली साधना पुढे रेटत असतात. परिणामी त्यांची साधना काहीशी कंटाळवाणी आणि यांत्रिक झालेली असते. योगमार्गावर प्रगती न होण्याला अनेक कारणे आहेत. त्यातील एक महत्वाचे कारण साधना-क्रियांची अयोग्य निवड हे आहे.
Posted On : 19 Apr 2016
10 Tips For Better Time Management
Every now and then I come across software developers who keep complaining how difficult it is to find time to learn new things from their daily schedule. Although city life is quite busy more often than not people lack the will, energy and time management skills to deal with the situation. More often than not this lack of time is due to the fact that people poorly manage their time. They don't have any strategy to manage their time effectively. Here are my top 10 tips that can help you manage your time in a better way. If you apply the following tips you can manage your time in a better way than before. I am not going to give you any fancy charts or figures that mostly look nice on paper. I am going to share some practical tips that you can start using right now!
Posted On : 18 Apr 2014
Learning, Unlearning and ASP.NET
Software industry is one of the most dynamic industries to work with. Everyday something new comes up and you have no option but to learn it to be in the race. While learning is a commonly acquired skill by software developers, not many can acquire the unlearning abilities. My experience of training software developers tells me that this skill - unlearning - can dramatically affect your experience with a technology or tool you are learning.
Posted On : 08 Feb 2014
5 Tips to Remember What You Learn Better
As a software developer you need to remember tremendous amount of information. This information is in the form of language syntax, object models, programming concepts, business domain concepts and more. Many of my training participants express their desire to remember what they learn in a better way but often fail to do so due to some or the other reason. While there can't be a single best way to remember things better here I give some tips that work for many developers.
Posted On : 05 Sep 2013
Learn new technologies efficiently
As a software developer you need to deal with the rapidly changing IT industry and keeping yourself updated with the new technologies is one of the most important skills that you need to have. Sadly the fact is many developers find this task too daunting. A common complaint is there is so much to learn and deciding the right learning path is difficult. This task is made difficult further by the fact that new skills must be acquired in a timely manner. If you are too late to upgrade your skills you face the risk of missing good opportunities.
Posted On : 14 Aug 2013
Formal classroom training is still good for you
As an IT trainer I come in contact with dozens of .NET software developers, team leaders and managers. One common area where most of them struggle is - keeping themselves updated with the latest technology. Especially so when technology is quite new to them (say VB6 developer wanting to learn ASP.NET or a web forms developer wanting to learn MVC). While for software developers it may sound like a part of their job they find this task quite hard because they need to strike a balance between available time, personal life, and ongoing project pressures.
Posted On : 01 Aug 2013
Online Courses in ASP.NET MVC / Core, jQuery, AngularJS and Design Patterns
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Learn Ajapa Yoga
Ajapa Yoga is an ancient technique of mindfulness and meditation that relaxes your mind quickly and effectively. In addition to many physical and mental benefits, it is also a master key to Spiritual unfoldment, Kundalini awakening and Chakra cleansing. Ajapa is an important practice of Shaiva Sampradaya, Natha Sampradaya and Datta Sampradaya. Click here to know more.