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Weekend course in ASP.NET MVC, EF and Web API (Thane)
We will be conducting a 5 day intensive training program on ASP.NET MVC in the month of June 2014. Learn VS2013, MVC5, EF6, Web API 2 and more. Small batches, personal attention and real world examples. Registration has already started. In case you or your friends are interested to join please get in touch with us as soon as possible. You may read more details here.
Posted On : 16 Apr 2014
Using Unit of Work Pattern in ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework
Recently I wrote an article explaining the Repository Pattern and its use in ASP.NET MVC. This article builds on that article and explains another related design pattern - Unit of Work. The Unit of Work pattern states its intent like this - Maintains a list of objects affected by a business transaction and coordinates the writing out of changes and the resolution of concurrency problems.
Posted On : 15 Apr 2014
Using the Repository Pattern with ASP.NET MVC and Entity Framework
Data driven web applications need to have a neat strategy for data access. One of the important aspects of this strategy is the separation between the physical database, queries and other data access logic from the rest of the application. Repository pattern is a popular way to achieve such an isolation. This article discusses the basics of Repository pattern in the context of Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC. It also illustrates how a repository can be built around your entities.
Posted On : 10 Apr 2014
Creating Asynchronous Actions in ASP.NET MVC
Asynchronous actions allow you to handle more concurrent requests and can be implemented using async / await keywords. Asynchronous actions are useful in situations where you are performing some network operation such as calling a remote service. This article discusses asynchronous actions and also shows how to create them in an ASP.NET MVC.
Posted On : 05 Apr 2014
Problem setting the default value for ASP.NET MVC DropDownList
Recently one of the readers reported a problem that the DropDownList helper is not working as expected. The problem was resolved by slightly tweaking the code but since it sounded like a tricky thing that many beginners would stumble upon I am writing this post. Let's see what the problem is, its cause and finally the little tweak that I mentioned earlier.
Posted On : 03 Apr 2014
Using Attribute Routing in ASP.NET MVC
ASP.NET MVC maps a URL to an action method through what is known as Routing. By default an ASP.NET MVC URL includes a controller and an action name where the request finally lands. However, you can customize many aspects of a route such as root prefix and route parameters. ASP.NET MVC 5 allows you to define routes through certain attributes. This attribute routing is simpler and more intuitive than the older technique of defining routes because a route definition is closer to the controller and its action method. This article discusses how attribute routing can be used with examples.
Posted On : 27 Mar 2014
Performing Asynchronous Operations Using Entity Framework
Asynchronous programming involves executing operations in the background so that the main thread can continue its own operations. This way the main thread can keep the user interface responsive while the background thread is processing the task at hand. .NET framework introduced the async and await keywords that simplify asynchronous programming. Entity Framework 6.0 also supports asynchronous operations for querying and saving of the data. This article discusses the basics of using asynchronous operations of Entity Framework in desktop as well as web applications.
Posted On : 18 Mar 2014
Handling Errors in ASP.NET MVC Applications
No matter how proficiently you developed your application there are chances that your code may not work as expected and will generate an error at runtime. Users may enter some invalid data, mathematical calculations can go wrong, some network level fault may cause errors and more. That is why it is always a good idea to implement a robust error handling mechanism in your web application. To that end ASP.NET MVC offers several techniques that help you build such an error handling mechanism. This article discusses them with examples.
Posted On : 13 Mar 2014
Using LinkedIn JavaScript API for User Authentication and Profile Retrieval
Integrating third-party sign-in with a website is quite common these days. Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn too allows you to ingrate LinkedIn authentication with your own website. One simple way to achieve such an integration is to use LinkedIn JavaScript API. Using this API you can authenticate a user with their LinkedIn credentials and also retrieve their profile and connection information. Once retrieved you can use that information to integrate LinkedIn authentication with your website's security and membership framework.
Posted On : 11 Mar 2014
One Time Event Handlers using jQuery and ASP.NET
Most of the times the JavaScript event handlers attached with an element fire every time the event under consideration is raised. For example, if you wire a click event handler to the click event of a button then clicking that button will invoke the event handler function every time. At times, however, this behavior is undesirable. You can unsubscribe the click event handler when it gets executed the first time. That means you need to create event handlers that fire only one time. Luckily, jQuery provides an inbuilt way to accomplish this task - one() method.
Posted On : 06 Mar 2014
पाच मिनिटांच्या पाच साधना (भाग ५ - उज्जायी प्राणायाम)
उज्जायी हा हठयोगातील एक महत्वाचा प्राणायाम आहे. या प्राणायामात कंठ संकोच करून श्वास आत घेतला जातो आणि बाहेर सोडला जातो. या प्रक्रियेमुळे श्वास दिर्घ आणि खोल होतो. परिणामी फुप्फुसांमध्ये हवा जास्त प्रमाणात घेतली जाते. मूळ हठयोगोक्त उज्जायी करताना कंठ संकोच खूप अधिक प्रमाणात केला जातो त्यामुळे घशातून शिट्टी सारखा आवाज येतो. ही पद्धत प्राणायामासाठी जरी योग्य असली तरी ध्यान-धारणेसाठी एवढ्या अधिक प्रमाणात कंठ संकोच करण्याची गरज नसते. केवळ हलका कंठ करून घशातून मंद घोरल्यासारखा आवाज येईल एवढेच बघावे. आता धारणेसाठी उज्जायी प्राणायामाचा उपयोग कसा करायचा ते पाहू.
Posted On : 25 Mar 2014
पाच मिनिटांच्या पाच साधना (भाग ४ - चक्र धारणा)
कुंडलिनी योगशास्त्रानुसार मेरूदंडाच्या आतून सुषुम्ना नामक एक प्राणनाडी गेलेली आहे जी च्या मार्गावर सहा महत्वाचे बिन्दु किंवा स्थानं आहेत. या बिंदूंना चक्रं म्हटलं जाते. चक्र धारणेच्या या प्रकारात या सहा चक्रांना हळुवारपणे जागृत केले जाते. ही चक्रे प्राणाची मुख्य स्थाने असल्याने त्यावरील ध्यानाने शरीर आणि मनावर सुपरिणाम घडून येतो. कुंडलिनी योगशास्त्रात चक्र, नाड्या आणि प्राण ही संकल्पना खूपच विस्ताराने वर्णन केली आहे. त्या विषयाच्या फार खोलात न जाता ही साधना सोप्या प्रकारे कशी करायची ते येथे पाहणार आहोत.
Posted On : 15 Mar 2014
पाच मिनिटांच्या पाच साधना (भाग ३ - भक्ति प्राणायाम)
लेखमालेच्या या भागात आपण तिसर्‍या साधनेची माहिती घेणार आहोत. ही साधना भक्ति मार्गाकडे ओढा असलेल्या साधकांसाठी चांगली आहे. विशेषतः ज्यांना आपल्या उपास्य दैवतेची पूजा-अर्चा करायला आवडते त्यांना ही साधना छान वाटेल. या लेखापुरते या साधनेचे नामकरण आपण "भक्ति प्राणायाम" असे करू कारण यात भक्ति आणि प्राणायाम या दोघांचाही संगम आहे. आता साधना कशी करायची ते पाहू.
Posted On : 03 Mar 2014
पाच मिनिटांच्या पाच साधना (भाग २ - श्वासानुसंधान)
मागील भागात आपण ॐकार साधनेची माहिती घेतली. या भागात आपण दुसर्‍या एका सूक्ष्म साधनेची माहिती घेणार आहोत. ही साधना करण्यासाठी तुम्हाला एक जपमाळ लागेल. ही जपमाळ रुद्राक्षाची वगैरे असण्याची अजिबात गरज नाही. अगदी साध्या प्लास्टीकच्या मण्यांची सुद्धा चालेल. या माळेचा उपयोग तुमची जाणीव साधनेवर ठेवण्याकरता होणार आहे. आता साधना काशी करायची ते पाहू.
Posted On : 25 Feb 2014
पाच मिनिटांच्या पाच साधना (भाग १ - ॐकार साधना)
आजकाल शहरातील दैनंदिन जीवन एवढं धावपळीचं झालं आहे की स्वस्थपणे बसायला फुरसत नसते तर साधना कुठून करणार? अशाच साधकांसाठी येऊ घातलेल्या महाशिवरात्रीच्या निमित्ताने ही एक छोटीशी लेखमाला सादर करत आहे. यामध्ये मी तुम्हाला पाच साध्या, सोप्या पण परिणामकारक अशा साधना सांगणार आहे. यातील प्रत्येक साधना करायला पाच मिनिटे पुरेशी आहेत. अर्थात तुम्ही जास्त वेळ देऊ शकत असाल तर "अधिकस्य फलम अधिकम" या उक्ती प्रमाणे फायदा जास्त मिळेल.
Posted On : 22 Feb 2014
Best Place on Planet Earth - Your Yoga Mat!
We all have some place where we find ourselves most comfortable. To some it might be their own room, to some others it might be their farmhouse or bungalow. Whatever it may be people love that place because they can unwind themselves there. Not only for the sake of relaxing, they also hide themselves there during tough times. For a yogi, such a place is his own Yoga Mat.
Posted On : 15 Feb 2014
My Recommended Yoga Routine for Beginners
Some of you might be planning to pay more attention to your health and fitness from the new year. To that end Yoga can be a very nice tool to keep you fit. There are a lots of books and DVDs available in the market today, each propagating their own styles. Beginner's are often confused as to which all yoga postures to pick to start with. If you are looking for a simple yet effective set of beginner level yoga postures and pranayama here are my recommendations for a 30 minute routine...
Posted On : 31 Dec 2013
Spiritualizing the Practice of Yoga Postures
Yoga postures are mostly looked upon as a physical form of exercise. No doubt they bestow a practitioner with lots of health and fitness benefits. However, the spiritual side of yoga postures is largely ignored. Almost all the ancient Hatha Yoga texts mention physical as well as spiritual benefits of yoga postures. If you are practicing yoga postures as a part of integrated yoga with the aim of Kundalini awakening, you must understand how to spiritualize the practice of yoga postures, mudras and bandhas. Without this knowledge you may be delaying or eve missing the expected results. This article throws some light on this aspect of yoga practice.
Posted On : 25 Dec 2013
10 Tips for Those Who Want to Start Practicing Yoga But Don’t Know How to Begin
Many times people want to take to the path of Yoga but don’t know exactly where and how to begin. Sometimes they join some Yoga studio or institute without taking pain to figure out their personal requirements and end up in a boring or even frustrating encounter with Yogic art and science. Here are some tips that will guide you if you are new on this path.
Posted On : 29 Aug 2013
Greatness of Shambhavi Mudra
By assuming the position of Shambhavi Mudra a Yogi should see the self. When the Brahma (ब्रह्म) is seen in the form of a dot he should fix his mind on it and nowhere else. A Yogi who knows the science of Shambhavi he himself becomes Brahma (ब्रह्म) and none else. I, Lord Maheshwara (Shiva), am telling this again and again that this is truth.
Posted On : 07 Aug 2013
Learning, Unlearning and ASP.NET
Software industry is one of the most dynamic industries to work with. Everyday something new comes up and you have no option but to learn it to be in the race. While learning is a commonly acquired skill by software developers, not many can acquire the unlearning abilities. My experience of training software developers tells me that this skill - unlearning - can dramatically affect your experience with a technology or tool you are learning.
Posted On : 08 Feb 2014
5 Tips to Remember What You Learn Better
As a software developer you need to remember tremendous amount of information. This information is in the form of language syntax, object models, programming concepts, business domain concepts and more. Many of my training participants express their desire to remember what they learn in a better way but often fail to do so due to some or the other reason. While there can't be a single best way to remember things better here I give some tips that work for many developers.
Posted On : 05 Sep 2013
Learn new technologies efficiently
As a software developer you need to deal with the rapidly changing IT industry and keeping yourself updated with the new technologies is one of the most important skills that you need to have. Sadly the fact is many developers find this task too daunting. A common complaint is there is so much to learn and deciding the right learning path is difficult. This task is made difficult further by the fact that new skills must be acquired in a timely manner. If you are too late to upgrade your skills you face the risk of missing good opportunities.
Posted On : 14 Aug 2013
Formal classroom training is still good for you
As an IT trainer I come in contact with dozens of .NET software developers, team leaders and managers. One common area where most of them struggle is - keeping themselves updated with the latest technology. Especially so when technology is quite new to them (say VB6 developer wanting to learn ASP.NET or a web forms developer wanting to learn MVC). While for software developers it may sound like a part of their job they find this task quite hard because they need to strike a balance between available time, personal life, and ongoing project pressures.
Posted On : 01 Aug 2013
ASP.NET Training in Thane
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